Farmers Daughter Notes // Spring Time

The pastures are really coming in after this recent burst of warmth! It’s great to be able to look out of my office window and see the cows grazing up to their ankles in clover. The window is open and the sounds of spring are wafting in. I can hear the neighbor’s lawn mower, the birds, the crickets, the sound of my siblings calling to each other and the wind in the tree tops. The breeze is cool and refreshing and makes the blinds rustle back and forth in the window frame. I have a pretty nice office.
    We processed our first batch of chickens recently. It was good to get back into the swing of things after our winter break. Processing seems to be something you never forget how to do. Just like milking a cow, I suppose. My sisters and I are sure we’ll still remember how to milk cows when we’re ninety.
    Processing chicken is one of those things that the whole family is involved in from start to finish. We get up early at about 4:30am. Drink our coffee and pray together for the busy day ahead. We enjoy getting to visit together as we work. After an hour or so, the sky in the east will begin to lighten and the stars begin to fade one by one. The birds wake up and begin chattering to each other. Then the sun begins to peek up over the trees and the sky is tinged with gold and pink. It’s a beautiful part of the day to be outside.

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