Farmers Daughter Notes // Not For the Faint of Heart

It’s been a bit of harsh spring for the farmers in our area. We’ve had lots of rain which is good for the pasture, but flash floods can be detrimental for the poultry. We’ve had to dash out into the heart of several storms to move the chickens to higher ground. It’s pretty awe inspiring to be out in the midst of a storm. The stiff wind is driving the rain into your eyes and mouth, and thunder rumbles in the distance as you snatch up a wet broiler and slosh through the puddles to put him in a warm, dry spot. All of the sudden, brilliant forks of lightening split the darkness and thunder that can be felt as it reverberates through the air. It’s very humbling to realize how small you are against such might. It causes us to constantly put our trust in the One who controls the weather.
While we’re finishing up outside, Mom is preparing hot chocolate and dry clothes and praying that the worst of the storm will hold off until the work is finished. After all of the poultry has been transferred to a warm, dry spot, the workers troop into the house and get into dry things themselves. As we sip our hot chocolate and listen to the storm rage outside we give a sigh of contentment and feel a deeper appreciation for simple things in life which we often take for granted; a warm, dry place to live, plenty to eat and family.

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