Farmers Daughter Notes // If I’ve Told You Once..

One good thing about being in the farming business is that you generally know the other farmers in your area and can swap advice or borrow equipment. We recently acquired a bull, on lend, from a fellow farmer for the purpose of breeding a few new heifers. Well, the bull, appropriately named, “Dude”, has been happy with his new friends and surroundings. He is kept in a “bull proof” pen for safety. Well one day it fell into my chore list to help hay the heifers and their bull friend. Maddie, my chore partner admonished me to wear boots several times. “It’s really muddy from the recent rain.” she said.
I was doing something else and only half listening. “Sure.” I mumbled.
I was completing my previous task as Maddie came back down the hallway before heading outside.
“Don’t forget boots,” she reminded.
I finished up what I was doing and headed outside, still wearing my crocs. I decided to risk the mud because I didn’t want to pause to look for socks. (When you live in a large family, socks are in high demand and can be hard to come by.)
Maddie and I loaded up the wheel barrel with a few bales and trekked across the pasture with our load.
As we neared the pen I noticed the mud she was talking about.
“How about I throw them over the fence to you?” I suggested with a mischievous twinkle. “I didn’t wear my boots.”
Maddie rolled her eyes. “I told you…”
“Okay fine,” she finished with a grin. “But you have to pull me out if the bull gets me.”
(It’s a running joke between us that the bull is wild. He’s really quite tame, however when a bull has heifers to protect…You never know.)
She grabbed a fence stake and let herself in by the gate. I climbed up on the wheel barrel and prepared to toss the hay bales in.
Maddie spoke gently to the bull as he came over to have a looksee at the proceedings. He stood protectively by one of the heifers and tossed his head, showing off his nice pair of horns.
“No sir!” Maddie admonished, pointing her stick at him. He just blinked and stood placidly by.
I laughed and threw the bales over the fence and Maddie tossed them into the hay ring. Once the cows saw the hay they gathered around the ring and began to eat greedily and didn’t pay any more attention to us. That was our bit of adventure for the day.

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