Our Story // Part Two

Last Week…

Dad was a nervous about making the plunge. What if it all fell apart and he didn’t have a job? But he felt the Lord’s calling strongly, so he made the leap of faith. At the next business meeting when all of the employers and employees sat around and discussed their hopes and plans for the coming year they got to Dad and asked him what his dreams were.
Dad cringed a little in his seat. “Um, well I’d like to become a full time farmer.”


To his surprise his employers showed a great interest in his plan.
“How can we help you fulfill that dream?” they asked.
Dad was amazed at this reception and it confirmed his assurance that the Lord was calling him to make the plunge and come home.
His employer graciously worked with Dad on a plan for him to taper off on his work schedule for the duration of a year and then reconvene at the end of that time to kind of see where we were and go form there.
When Dad got home that evening we rejoiced greatly in the Lord’s provision! He had smoothed and prepared the way before us.
The Lord grew our business so much that season that Dad didn’t finish out the year at his office because we needed him at home to help run the farm which was bursting at the seams!
I remember the evening Dad drove home from work for the last time. We were all gathered out in front yard with welcome home signs and cheered as he came into the driveway.
In the five years since we had moved out to the farm, the Lord had grown our dream into a reality! We were all together, doing what we loved as a family! It has been seven years since that day, though it seems like forever. People ask if I love farming, and always reply, yes, I do! But the thing I love most about the agrarian lifestyle is that we can work together as a family team. The years have been tough at times, but inexpressibly sweet and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

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