Family Fun // From the Archives

Recently we were given the board game “Monopoly”. We have never been much into board games: who is when you can play in the dirt, ride bikes or play “Crash” on the tree swings with your siblings? (don’t ask, suffice it to say Mom says if you get a busted knee or lip playing a game with a name like “Crash” don’t come crying for sympathy)
Well, we kids decided to give Monopoly a try. After the first evening we were hooked! When we all tried to play at one time we had to split up into teams, which is fun in itself. You had to watch out for the sister who would always try to snap up Board Walk and Park Place and then plunk down a few houses to boot. And then there’s that sneaky sister who tries to make you “awesome deals” to “help you out” so you won’t have to mortgage your property when sister number one deals you a hefty $1000 rent on Boardwalk. And then there’s the hoarder brother and sister who never sell their property until in desperation you offer them ten times the amount it’s worth. Needless to say we’ve had a blast! We’ve never finished a game yet though. (who knew Monopoly was such a long game?) And sometimes the game is interrupted to go round up a calf or do the evening chores. Then we leave it precariously on the dining room table and come back to it afterwards. Good times.

5 thoughts on “Family Fun // From the Archives

  1. Ah, I did not see the place to leave comments before- we enjoy playing that game as well. sounds like it would be a pretty loud, and fun game if the Meggs and Wilsons got it on it! : )


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