Winterizing the Farm


November has passed and with it the last of the Thanksgiving Turkeys! We are just about finished up with the processing of the poultry for this season with the exception of possibly doing a few stewing hens.

Thanksgiving was a relaxing, joyous one, spent with family and friends. We got our Christmas tree the Saturday after that and enjoyed putting it up together.

December is here and we’ve been busy with winterizing the farm, finding hay to feed the stock now that the pastures aren’t growing. We’ve built up quite a herd of heifers and have decided to sell a few to take the pressure of wintering them over on hay. Dad took pictures of them all and we put them up on our big white board and everyone gets to vote for the ones they’d like to keep. Of course, older kid’s votes count for more as they are able to weigh in on important factors such as, was their mama a good milk cow? Is she friendly? Etc. But it’s fun to all cast our vote.

We also have some fun social things lined up such as caroling, weddings and seeing the Christmas Carol in live production in Smithfield!

What have you been up to? Do you have any special plans for December?


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