Of Calves and Kittens and Other Various and Sundry


Hi y’all! It’s been a while. Sometimes I go through dry periods in my writing.

Things are going well here on the farm. January is a slower time for us and I have thoroughly enjoyed this season of rest, notwithstanding the bout with the stomach flu.

We’ve had a couple of calves born this month. One of the little heifer calves wasn’t doing too well in the cold and Dad took pity on her and brought her into the house to warm up in the farm kitchen. As soon as I saw Dad over at the calf barn I knew what he was planning. (He does have a soft spot for babies.) He set her down on wobbly legs on the kitchen floor while he heated the milk on the stove. The calf gently nuzzled any available pant leg as we crowded around cooing over it. (Yes, this household of girls will coo over babies, be they animal or otherwise.) The little calf stayed in the house all day and yes, all night too, curled up under the kitchen table! It stayed for about 24 hours until it was well and strong again.

We’ve also had kittens born recently. We are at an over abundance of kittens at present. The newest batch consist of three adorable, sassy balls of fur. They are getting to think they belong inside. I’ll not name names but SOMEONE (not me) has been allowing them to come inside while Dad and Will are off on a man-camping trip. The kittens present infatuation with the great indoors will be cut short very soon I’m afraid.

Broiler chicks are coming very soon! The 2015 growing season will be here before we know it! I look forward with excitement and anticipation to see what this year will hold.


A Fresh Start

Compliments of Pinterest

The something about New Year’s Eve that elicits excitement in the heart. A chance to start afresh. The year is newly laid out before you like a fresh, crisp sheet of paper. Something always excites me about blank paper, I suppose it is because of the endless possibilities. Will it hold adventure? Surely! Disappointments? Undoubtedly. Will I grow through both? Yes, by His grace.

At the start of each year I like to make New Year Resolutions or “Bucket Lists”. A handful of things I’d like to do, areas I’d like to grow in. This year the items on the list range from relationship growth (Oh to love others like Jesus loves!) to how many book I’d like to read (150 to be exact!).

What are some of your Resolutions?