Farmer’s Daughter Notes // The Farmer’s Daughter Meets The Farm Boy from N.C

IMG_2566 Now you may be wondering to yourself, “Where is Morgan? Why are all of the Farmer’s Daughter’s Notes coming out of the archives? We want fresh, new ones!”

Well, I’ll tell you, folks. Your very own Farmer’s Daughter has met a Farmer’s Son! Yep, it’s true. A genuine, handsome, gentle Farmer’s Son. So as you can probably guess, my mind has been otherwise occupied lately, especially considering the fact that, as of last Sunday afternoon, I now have a shiny ring on my left hand and a promise in my heart.

“How did you meet?!” you may be wondering. Well you’re in for a treat folks, here’s how it happened, (in an extreme nutshell)…

It was a cold, snowy night in February several years back. Dad and I were attending a showing of “Fresh” at the public library in Virginia Beach where Dad would be speaking on the panel. There were lots of folks that came out for the event. We had a great time after the showing, chatting with old customers and meeting new ones.

It was late and Dad and I were making our way out to the car when an acquaintance of ours ran outside to catch up with us.

“Wait, Mr. Wilson! I want you to meet a friend of mine.”

Dad and I turned to wait for the young men to catch up to us.

Dusk had fallen, but I could make out the figure of a tall, thin young man. He shifted from one foot to the other somewhat nervously and he held a spiral bound notebook tightly against his chest. It was labeled simply, “Farm Notes.”

“Aww, isn’t he cute,” I thought to myself with a chuckle.

Fast forward through several years of friendship and March of this year rolls around. Paul, (my farm boy) had been up for a book study we were hosting at our house. It was a great day spent in good company and great fellowship. At one point throughout the day, I told him about a book I had recently read and enjoyed and then I promptly forgot about the the little exchange.

The next day I received a Facebook message from Paul asking about the book;
“I was wondering if you could tell me the title and the author again, I can’t for the life of me remember it…”

Thus a series of messages began back and forth between us. We covered a lot of ground in those messages. We talked about the things of the Lord, about our hopes and dreams for the future, our interests and hobbies, favorite books, etc.

He started burning a path back and forth between NC and Virginia on the weekends. We enjoyed doing markets together and getting to know more about each other. My family also adored (adores) him, which is a big plus.

So, last Sunday, we decided to go a on a family picnic to relax after a super busy weekend. Unbeknownst to me, he had asked my dad for my hand, weeks back and had told the family he planned to propose to me at the picnic while we were all together, as he knew how precious my family is to me.
I was oblivious to the frantic shoving of little boxes into pockets and hushed voices when I entered the room in the weekends leading up to that Sunday.

IMG_2519We headed to the picnic site after church and Paul and I picked out a nice spot. After lunch we were sitting around talking about the sermon and Paul started sharing his testimony about how the Lord had saved him and how he had faithfully provided and guided through his life up until this present day in our relationship together. Then he got up and started reaching into his pocket. I was floored. I started laughing with joy and shock when he pulled out a beautiful ring and asked me to marry him! When my powers of speech had returned, I said, “Yes! Yes.” and we embraced.

And thus, your Farmer’s Daughter is about to embark on another journey! One that will take her down to NC to start a little farm and a new family there. But not to worry, I’m sure there will be plenty of trips up to the old homestead.

I’m sure there will still be occasional Farmer’s Daughter, or rather, “Farmer’s Wife” Notes from me as well.

Until then I remain faithfully yours,

The Farmer’s Daughter,


Farmer’s Daughter Notes // Spring is Coming!

This warmer weather has us itching for Spring! You can smell it in the air and feel it in the breeze. Little buds are beginning to form on the bare limbs of the trees. The pastures are beginning to green up. New life is everywhere with the promise of a fresh start. We find ourselves making excuses to be outside more often. There’s something about that warm sunshine on your face that’s invigorating! The little guys went a little crazy on that first warm day. They stayed outside nearly all day, running and jumping and yelling and shouting with a wild sort of joy after being cooped up during all of this recent snow.
We as farmers, enjoy our winter break, but are happy and more than ready when March and April roll around and it’s time to roll up our shirt sleeves and get to work.
“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”

A Fresh Start

Compliments of Pinterest

The something about New Year’s Eve that elicits excitement in the heart. A chance to start afresh. The year is newly laid out before you like a fresh, crisp sheet of paper. Something always excites me about blank paper, I suppose it is because of the endless possibilities. Will it hold adventure? Surely! Disappointments? Undoubtedly. Will I grow through both? Yes, by His grace.

At the start of each year I like to make New Year Resolutions or “Bucket Lists”. A handful of things I’d like to do, areas I’d like to grow in. This year the items on the list range from relationship growth (Oh to love others like Jesus loves!) to how many book I’d like to read (150 to be exact!).

What are some of your Resolutions?